Ergonomically Designed

We designed the PostureFit Support Brace in response to patient requests for a high quality product that was both effective and comfortable. Due to the excessive heat and humidity in Queensland, Australia, we also needed to make the brace cool, lightweight, breathable, and also waterproof!

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Designed by Physical Therapists

Over a number of years, we began to note the increasing incidence of non-sporting related injuries in young adults, and in particular, Postural Related Pain symptoms. Previously, the standard protocol of postural improvement exercises and conservative treatment would have sufficed, however due to the increasing hours of device use, a more pro-active and preventative approach was required.

We noted great results from Postural kinesio-taping, however this was a temporary solution, requiring regular  application and often resulted in skin irritation. A more structured support device was required by way of a Posture Brace which could be easily applied and removed without assistance and without endless tape applications!!!!! We had identified a NEED.

After much testing, trial and error (and 17 versions later) we arrived at the current PostureFit design which satisfied all the required criteria. In response to further patient feedback, we then went on to upgrade the PostureFit Brace with what we call the ‘Comfort Sleeve’ to add just that extra bit of comfort and padding under the arm region. We now have an EXCELLENT product which supports the wearer and supports our philosophy of Better Posture Better Health.

We can’t wait for you to try it!

Improve Your Posture Today

Improve Your Posture Today

Support and Retrain your way to Better Posture and Better Health.

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