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Support and retrain your way to better posture with PostureFit. Professionally designed to be comfortable, supportive, effective, and easy to use, PostureFit can retrain postural awareness, reduce muscle fatigue, alleviate postural related pain symptoms, improve muscle balance and optimise energy and concentration levels.



PostureFit PostureFit

Better Posture With PostureFit

The PostureFit is a practitioner designed and prescribed appliance. It is unique in that it combines effectiveness and comfort in one ergonomically designed accessory.

The padded straps provide comfort over the shoulders for the wearer, and the additional (removable) comfort sleeves create extra padding under the arm region to prevent any irritation. The product has been designed for our hot and humid climate and is breathable, lightweight and water/sweat resistant. The back mesh also provides a wide coverage of support to distribute forces evenly over the mid-back and between the shoulder blades.

What's Included:

  • The PostureFit
  • Removable Comfort Sleeves

How To Use

Assembling Your PostureFit

Assembling Your PostureFit

Install the comfort sleeves first by threading them onto the corresponding padded straps (optional). Take the velcro straps and thread thought the corresponding clip (ensuring you thread from inside to outside). It is now ready for fitting!
Fitting The PostureFit

Fitting The PostureFit

Ensure you have loosened the velcro straps for ease of fitting. Slide one padded strap over your arm before reaching your other arm through. Place the PostureFit neatly over your shoulders.
Adjusting Your PostureFit

Adjusting Your PostureFit

While activating your shoulder blades (down and together) reach for BOTH the straps and pull down to tighten. Now attach the velcro straps over shoulders to attach to the corresponding padded strap.

What are the benefits?

  • Retrains Neutral Posture via Proprioceptive Feedback
  • Increased Awareness of Correct Posture
  • Reduce Muscle Imbalance (Tonic and Phasic muscles)
  • Stabilise and Strengthen weak muscle groups
  • Mobilise and Stretch shortened muscle groups
  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue
  • Alleviates Postural Related Pain symptoms
  • Reduces premature degenerative changes due to poor posture
  • Reduced Mental Fatigue
  • Increasing Alertness and Concentration



Activate and strengthen postural muscle groups (phasic muscles)



Lengthen and stretch tight muscle groups (tonic muscles) and increase range of motion (ROM)



Retrain correct posture and increase awareness via proprioceptive feedback

When Do I Use The PostureFit

The PostureFit is designed to be used on its own or in conjunction with the Postural Rehabilitation Program (PRP) to SUPPORT postural muscle activity.

Designed to be worn for short periods (up to 2 hours at a time). Ideally, it is recommended that the PostureFit be reserved for activities/times of the day which present the greatest risk of slumping, slouching or fatigue. Suggested times or activities of use include:

  • First thing in the morning to set posture
  • Driving for long periods
  • Sitting or Standing at a Workstation
  • Using a device for long periods
  • At the end of the day when postural muscles are most fatigued
  • Post training to support fatigued muscle groups

The PostureFit Postural Rehabilitation Program

The PostureFit Postural Rehabilitation Program is designed to be a progressive rehabilitation program which improves and maintains correct posture.

The postural exercises can be performed on an ongoing basis to maintain strength and mobility of postural muscles and can also form the basis of other rehabilitation or advanced strengthening programs. The Brace can continue to be worn for stationery and repetitive activities (up to 2 hours at a time) to support fatigued muscle groups.

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